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A list can be seen here of stories relating to Gaels and Gaelic at the University of Glasgow between 1834 and 1969. The first two items, from 1834 and 1835, have been transcribed from the Caledonian Mercury. All the other images are from the Glasgow Herald. These images were captured from Google Newspapers. They are reproduced here, below, in chronological order by kind permission of the Herald & Times Group.


1834, Aug 18. The Marquis of Douglas as Gaelic speaking patron of An Comunn Oiseanach. For a transcript of this item, taken from the Caledonian Mercury, click on the following link: 1834_08_18_Marq Douglas (in Caledonian Mercury)


1835, Jan 31. An Comunn Oiseanach. The annual dinner of the Ossianic Society. For a transcript of this item, taken from the Caledonian Mercury, click on the following link:  1835_01_31 (pg 3) Ossianic Soc dinner (Caledonian Mercury)


1847, Nov 5, p.1. Principal MacFarlan & the Gaelic Bible (Glasgow Herald). 1847_11_05 pg 1_MacFarlan & Gaelic Bible
1849, Mar 26, p. 4. An Comunn Oiseanach & their Annual dinner (Glasgow Herald). 1849_03_26 pg 4 Ossianic annual
1852, Mar 29, p. 6. An Comunn Oiseanach & their Annual dinner (Glasgow Herald). 1852_03_29_(p 6) Comann Oiseanach
1856, Apr 14, p. 10.  An Comunn Oiseanach & their Annual dinner (Glasgow Herald). 1856_04_14 pg 10 Ossianic Annual
1857, Apr 1, p. 5. An Comunn Oiseanach & their Annual dinner (Glasgow Herald). 1857_04_01 pg 5 Ossianic annual
1861, Apr 1, p. 10. An Comunn Oiseanach & their Annual dinner (Glasgow Herald). 1861_04_01_pg 10 Ossianic Club dinner
1865, Mar 25, p. 5. An Comunn Oiseanach & their Annual dinner (Glasgow Herald). 1865_03_25 pg 5 Ossianic annual
1867, Nov 5, p. 2. Principal Barclay & Gaelic prizes (Glasgow Herald).

1867_11_05 pg 2 Principal Barclay and Highland students (composite)

1870, Mar 26, p. 6. An Comunn Oiseanach & their Annual dinner (Glasgow Herald). 1870_03_26 pg 6 Ossianic dinner (Herald)
1886, Mar 29, p. 5. An Comunn Oiseanach & their Annual dinner (Glasgow Herald). 1886_03_29 (pg 5) Ossianic dinner (herald)
1894, Jun 19, p. 7. The MacCallum Bequest & the University Court (Glasgow Herald). 1894_06_19 (p. 7) MacCallum Bequest (GU Court)
1895, Jan 15, p. 7.  MacCallum’s Library & the University Court (Glasgow Herald). 1895_01_15 (pg 7) MacCallum Library.pdf
1899, Dec 18, p. 6.  A student petition to the University Court – An Comunn Oiseanach, lobbying for the introduction of Celtic or Gaelic at the University (Glasgow Herald). 1899_12_18 page 6 Univ Court petition anent Celtic (Herald)
1901, Jan 25, p. 4.



1901, January, 25th (p.4). The first ever official Celtic lecture at the University of Glasgow took place on the 24th January 1901. This was given by Professor Magnus Maclean, a lecturer in electrical engineering, appointed to deliver a series of public lectures on Celtic at the University under the terms of the Rev. Dr Archibald K. MacCallum’s bequest (Glasgow Herald, 25th Jan 1901, p. 4). Two images. 1901_01_25 (pg 4) Mag_Mclean_lecture_Ciad Oraid Cheiltis ( 1 a 2)1901_01_25 (pg 4) Mag_Mclean_lecture_Ciad Oraid Cheiltis ( 2 a 2)
1901, Feb 8, p.13.  This is how another one of Maclean’s lectures, from his first season as Kelly-MacCallum lecturer, was reported in the Herald. 1901_02_08 (pg 13) Mag_Mclean_lecture_Sc Gael MSS (composite)
1904, Feb 23, p. 10. Professor Kuno Meyer followed Maclean as the Kelly MacCallum lecturer, 1903-06. He continued his work at the University of Liverpool, visiting Glasgow to deliver his series of lectures (six per year over a three year period). Here is how one of these lectures was reported in the Glasgow Herald. 1904_02_23 pg 10_Kuno Meyer Irish Missionaries & Celtic Studies
1906, Mar 12, p. 12. Report of the final lecture by Professor Kuno Meyer at Glasgow on James Macpherson and the poetry of Ossian. For a list of Meyer’s lectures as they were reported in the Glasgow Herald click here: Meyer – lectures in Glasgow 1906_03_12_pg 12 K Meyer on Ossian
1906, Apr 13, p. 9. The Rev Dr. George Henderson was the first full time lecturer of Celtic and the first to teach students taking Celtic as a degree course, 1906-1907. This was the first intake of students who took Celtic as a degree course. Only three students enrolled for Celtic in its first year: Malcolm Laing (Lochmaddy), Archibald Maclean (Cornaig), Alexander Mackay (Strathy). 1906_04_13 pg 9 Appoinment of Henderson
1908, Jan 25, p. 8. Comunn Gàidhlig Ghlaschu – Annual dinner & University Principal, Donald MacAlister and his views on Gaelic (2 x images). 1908_01_25 (p 8) CGG & Principal D MacAlister (composite 1)1908_01_25 (p 8) CGG & Principal D MacAlister (composite 2)
1908, Jul 6, p. 11.  University Principal, Sir Donald MacAlister, and his views on Gaelic education. 1908_07_06_pg_11 MacAlister & Gael (composite image)
1909, Jan 15, p. 10. The library of Alexander MacBain & the Dept of Celtic. 1909_01_15_pg_10 Celtic library McAlister & McBain
1910, Jan 14, p. 9. The MacLagan Manuscripts donated to the University of Glasgow. 1910_01_14_pg_9 MacLagan MSS donation (composite)
1910, Jun 08, p. 10.  The manuscripts of the Rev. John Kennedy granted to the University. 1910_06_08_pg_10 Rev J Kennedy's Gaelic MSS
1912, Jun 29, p. 4.  Obituary for the late Rev Dr George Henderson by ‘K.M.’ (Kenneth Macleod ?). 1912_06_29_pg 4 (composite) George Henderson Obit
1912, Oct 04, p. 8. The appointment of the Rev. Dr George Calder as the new Fleming-MacCallum Celtic lecturer. 1912_10_04_pg 8 Rev G Calder appointment
1926, Feb 01, p. 7.  Annual Gaelic religious service in Bute Hall. 1926_02_01 pg 7_Seirbhis Gaidhlig an Talla Bute
1929, Sep 16, p. 25. News of impending Celtic Congress in Glasgow. 1929_09_16_pg_25 Celtic Congress 100 delegates
1929, Sep 27, p. 9.  Report on the Celtic Congress in Glasgow. 1929_09_27_pg_9 Celtic Congress (composite)
1930, Jan 25, p. 7. An Comunn Oiseanach – annual dinner. 1930_01_25 pg 7 Ossianic Club
1930, Feb 17, p. 13. Annual Gaelic service in Bute Hall. 1930_02_17 pg 13 Seirbhis Gaidhlig Bute Hall
1930, Oct 3-8








Three newspaper cuttings showing a criticism of the ‘despised lectureship’ at Glasgow and responsed to this. The first of these is a report of a speech made by John McCormick which identified reasons for the decline of Gaelic in Scotland, stating not enough was being done, singling out the ‘despised lectureship’ at the University of Glasgow. (3rd October, 1930, p. 6).

This drew a response from the Rev. Dr George Calder, the second cutting pictured here (7th October, 1930, p. 9), against the attack on the Celtic lectureship, stating that he, Calder, in fact, turned out more Gaelic graduates than anywhere else.

McCormick then responded to Calder’s complaint the following day (8th Oct, 1930, p. 9)- complaining that nowhere near enough was being done to attract people to the study of Gaelic.






1930_10_03 pg 6_McCormick & despised lectureship1930_10_07_pg 7 Calder's response to MacCormick
1930_10_08_pg_9 Despised lectureship
1931, Dec 14, p. 10. Dinner celebrating centenary of An Comunn Oiseanach. 1931_12_14_pg_10 Ossianic centenary ho-ro-gheallaidh
1935, Oct 02, p. 15. J. Carmichael Watson employed as a lecturer of Celtic literature at the University of Glasgow. 1935_10_02_pg_15 JC Watson appointd
1937, Feb 20, p. 9.  An Comunn Oiseanach raising funds to help establish a chair of Celtic at the University of Glasgow. 1937_02_20_pg_9 Appeal for chair
1937, Sep 3, p. 13. Obituary for Professor Magnus Maclean. 1937_09_03 pg 13 Obit Magnus Maclean (composite)
1938, Feb 12, p. 13.  An Comunn Oiseanach’s campaign. The first £900 has been collected towards the foundation of a chair of Celtic. 1938_02_12_pg_13 First 900 for chair
1938, Feb 18, p. 12.  Annual dinner of An Comunn Oiseanach and a report on the progress of the campaign for the Celtic chair. Mention of Miss Mary A. Maclaine, the first female president of the Club (30 years earlier?). 1937_02_20_pg_9 Appeal for chair
1938, Sep 2, p. 13.  Subscription list of those supporting An Comunn Oiseanach’s campaign to raise funds to fund a chair of Celtic. 1938_09_02_pg_13 Subs list for chair
1938, Sep 26, p.9.  Letter to the editor about the Scottish Gaelic Text Society and the need for a chair of Celtic at Glasgow, from Edward McCurdy. 1938_09_026_pg_9 appeal SGTS & chair (composite)
1938, Dec 9, p. 7.  There were now two lecturers in the department of Celtic… Dr Angus Matheson and Kenneth Jackson. 1938_12_09 (pg 7) Two lecturers now in Celtic (composite)
1941, Apr 2, p. 9. Obituary, Rev. Dr. George Calder, former lecturer. 1941_04_02 pg 9_Obit George Calder
1946, Oct 14, p. 4.  Update on the Comunn Oiseanach’s campaign for the chair. 1946_10_14 (pg 4) Ossianic appeal for chair
1947, Dec 6, p. 6.

 Glasgow Skye Assoc. & the Magnus Maclean prize.

1947_12_06 (page 6) Magnus Maclean Memorial fund
1953, Aug 12, p. 3. Celtic Congress, starting tomorrow at Glasgow University. 1953_08_12 (page 3) Celtic Congress plans
1953, Aug 13, p. 4.  Report of the day’s proceedings at the Celtic Congress. 1953_08_13_pg_4 Celtic Congress Gl'w
1955, Oct 11, p. 3. Glasgow University Court gives the go-ahead to the Celtic chair. 1955_11_05_pg 6 Glasgow Chair
1955, Nov, 05, p. 6. At long last! A chair of Celtic for the University of Glasgow. 1955_10_11_pg_3 Chair of Celtic at last
1956, Nov 29, p. 6.  The appointment of Angus Matheson to the new chair of Celtic. Glasg Herald 29_11_1956_pg 6 Matheson
1963, May 09, p. 10 Student drama, including players from An Comunn Oiseanach. 1963_05_09_pg_10 Drama nan oileanach
1963, Aug 05, p.6.  Derick Thomson appointed to the Chair of Celtic. Glasg Herald 5_08_1963_pg 6 Thomson
1966, Sep 29, p 8. Herald opinion piece on the coming of the Historical Dictionary of Scottish Gaelic 1966_09_29_pg 8 op ed Dictionary
1966. Sep 29, p. 15  News on the Historical Dictionary of Scottish Gaelic. 1966_09_29_pg 15 New Gaelic Dictionary Proj
1969. Mar 20, p. 30. New project, Gaelic learning materials entitled ‘Sàth’. 1969_03_20 pg 30 teach yourself Gaelic
1974. Dec 3, p. 30. Protest by An Comunn Oiseanach outside the BBC headquarters, Queen Margaret Drive, against the lack of provision for Gaelic broadcasting. 1974_12_03_dg 5_Iomairt aig a' BhBC




Is ann le cead Buidheann an Herald & an Times a chaidh a h-uile dealbh air an duilleag seo a chleachdadh (ach an dà phìos aig a’ mhullach a-mhàin). / (c) All the items on this page (save the two transcripts at the top) reproduced by kind permission of the Herald & Times Group.


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